Super Mario™ Blow UP! Shaky Tower

The exciting balancing tabletop action game with everyone's favorite Super Mario™ characters.

Careful not to lose balance or the tower will "blow up"! Product features 7 collectible figures, compatible with other Epoch Games Super Mario™ toys and family board games!


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① Gently place a figure on a step board.

② The tower is going to shake, so be careful!

③ If a player makes the ball drop and the figures fly, they lose the game!

Mario Figure, Luigi Figure, Toad Figure (Red), Toad Figure (Yellow), Goomba Figure, Boo Figure, Yoshi Figure, Figure Hook x8, Ball, Ball Hook, Dice, Tower Top, Tower Base


  1. ① Snap the tower into the base.
    Make sure you align the "key block" and the notch on the side of the base.
  2. ② Align the ▽ and snap the tower top to the tower.
  3. ③ Insert the 8 step boards into the holes on the sides of the tower.
  4. ④ Securely attach the ball holder to the tower top.
    You can change the difficulty of the game by flipping the ball holder.(●is EASY, ★ is HARD)
  5. ⑤ You are now ready to play!
You are now ready to play!


  1. ① Carefully place the ball on the ball holder.
    (If the ball is unstable, make sure the surface that is being used is level and all the parts have been firmly assembled).
  2. ② Roll the dice and place as many figures shown by the dice onto the step boards.
    (If there are figures already placed onto the step boards and they fall but the ball doesn't drop, return the figures to where they were and continue playing).
  1. ③ Repeat Step 2 until all the figures have been placed on the step boards. Then, starting from the next player, roll the dice again.
    This time, instead of placing figures, remove figures from the step boards as shown by the number that has been rolled on the dice.
  2. ④ Continue to place and remove the figures as described in Steps 2 and 3. The first player to make the ball drop and send the figures flying loses!


You can play with any of the figures from other LINK SYSTEM games (sold separately)!
Add or replace the figures as you please, and have fun!


  • Please read carefully with a parent/guardian.
  • Keep instructions for future reference.
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