SUPER MARIO Balancing Game

SUPER MARIO Balancing Game

Fun to collect and exciting to play, the Super Mario Balancing Game has 3 different stages - Ground Stage, Underground Stage, and Castle Stage!

Each set comes with various, collectible Super Mario character figures, compatible with other Epoch Games Super Mario toys and family board games!

Balancing Game /
Ground Stage
Item number : #07358
Ground Stage package

Mario Figure, Yoshi Figure, Goomba Figure, Koopa Troopa Figure, Base Unit, Dice

Balancing Game /
Underground Stage
Item number : #07359
Underground Stage package

Mario Figure, Luigi Figure, Spike Figure, Buzzy Beetle Figure, Base Unit, Dice

Balancing Game /
Castle Stage
Item number : #07360
Castle Stage package

Fire Mario Figure, Peach Figure, Boo Figure, Hammer Bro Figure, Base Unit, Dice


  1. ① Assemble all the parts as shown in the diagram.
  2. ② You are now ready to play!
Assemble all the parts.


  1. ① In turn, each player will roll the dice and place onto the stage the number of figures shown on the dice.
    (If this is too difficult, remove the top platform and post for easier play.)
  2. ② Repeat step 1 until all figures are on the stage.
    Then, starting from the next player, roll the dice and remove from the stage the number of figures shown on the dice instead of placing.
  3. ③ Continue placing and removing the figures as steps 1 and 2. The player who knocks a figure off the stage first loses the game.
Follow the instructions on the dice and place the Mario figures on top of the stage.


  1. ① Stage can be connected with each other.
    Collect them all, and enjoy playing with all the different stages of the Super Mario BALANCING GAME!(You cannot play the game when the stages are connected.)
  2. ② You can play with any of the figures from other LINK SYSTEM games(sold separately)!
    Add or replace the figures as you please, and have fun!


  • Please read carefully with a parent/guardian.
  • Retain instructions for furure reference.
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